Gloss enhancement detailing service

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This service is the first step in detailing world for your car. It is a great intro to our detailing services. It has been designed to comprehensively clean and protect your car bodywork. Paintwork of your car will enhance the gloss, depth and clarity. The process will remove up to 70% light paint defects and light swirls.

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  • We start with jet wash the car from any dirt before we start the main cleaning process.
  • Main wash process using safe two bucket method
  • We use safe foam, it removes remaining dirt, then rinsed
  • Handmade washing with sponge and special car soap.
  • Dry using microfiber towels
  • We clean wheel arches, wheels with special brightener.
  • Then we start to take care of your car paintwork.
  • First stage is the machine compound polish.
  • Second stage is single stage machine polish. It provides a deep gloss and swirl free results.
  • The last process is single stage machine microfiber finishing Wax. Rich blend of polymers, silicones & carnauba for high gloss protection.
  • We clean and polish chrome and stainless.
  • Tyres are cleaned and dressed. Alloy wheels cleaned.
  • Door seals and rubbers treated.
  • Interior cleaned and vacuumed.
  • Windows cleaned inside and out with Special Glass Cleaner.
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It takes around 8-12 h, large cars and large 4×4 may need more time to finish the process. Your car will then be completely cleaned like new.

From £200

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