Paint Correction Detailing

The best of car detailing is paint correction. It’s a long process but the effects are amazing. This service is designed to remove up to 99% paintwork defects from your car. The results depend on many factors, so we designed 3 levels of service depending on your needs and the needs of your car.

New cars

Correction Level – up to 80%


When the Gloss enhancement detailing service is not enough for your car, we recommend LEVEL 1 Paint Correction. Cars with moderate swirl marks, light scratches, holograms and light water etching.

Neglected paint

Correction Level – 85% - 95%

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This service is for you if you are looking for the best correction possible. The process removes all severe swirl marks and medium scratches, holograms, light water etching. Your car will have a perfectly scratch free finish and deep brilliant gloss.

Total paint correction.

Correction Level – 95% - 99%

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Severely neglected vehicles. Cars after re-paint, bodywork without gloss. This process includes up to 7 different stages of paint correction. That is Total correction process.

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