Paint Correction Detailing – level 2

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The best of car detailing is paint correction. It’s a long process but the effects are amazing. This service is designed to remove up to 99% paintwork defects from your car. The results depend on many factors, so we designed 3 levels of service depending on your needs and the needs of your car.

LEVEL 2 - Neglected paint

Correction Level – 85% - 95%

This service is for you if you are looking for the best correction possible. The process removes all severe swirl marks and medium scratches, holograms, light water etching. Your car will have a perfectly scratch free finish and deep brilliant gloss.

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  • We start with jet wash the car from any dirt before we start the main cleaning process.
  • We use safe foam, it removes remaining dirt, then rinsed
  • Main hand wash process over entire car, wheels, door, engine
  • Hand dried using microfiber towels
  • Paint decontamination using Clay Bar treatment. It removes embedded road grim, tar, pollution.
  • Masking with a blue 3M tape all areas that should be protected during the process
  • Paintwork thickness is measured to ensure safe amount can be corrected
  • Then we start to take care of your car paintwork.
  • 2-3 stages of correction. We use professional Dual Action Polisher for compounding and polishing. We use wet sanding to remove heavy defects.
  • The last process is single stage machine microfiber finishing Wax or Sealant applied over paintwork.
  • Tyres are cleaned and dressed. Alloy wheels cleaned.
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Maximum paint correction safely depending on paint and clear coat thickness.

From £ 290

(it takes 2+days)
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Interior detailing - £70
Leather care-clean and protect - £150
Engine bay cleaning and detail - £40
Convertible top cleaning and protected coating - £50
4 wheel detailing - £80 – wheels are removed for best cleaning. We apply wheel sealant and brightener.
We recommend hand washing 1-2 times a month and new wax after 3-6 month.

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