Paint Correction Detailing – level 3

The best of car detailing is paint correction. It’s a long process but the effects are amazing. This service is designed to remove up to 99% paintwork defects from your car. The results depend on many factors, so we designed 3 levels of service depending on your needs and the needs of your car.

LEVEL 3 - Total paint correction

Correction Level – 95% - 99%

Severely neglected vehicles. Cars after re-paint, bodywork without gloss. This process includes up to 7 different stages of paint correction. That is Total correction process.

  • We start with jet wash the car from any dirt before we start the main cleaning process.
  • We use safe foam, it removes remaining dirt, then rinsed
  • Main hand wash process over entire car, wheels, door, engine
  • Hand dried using microfiber towels
  • Paint decontamination using Clay Bar treatment. It removes embedded road grim, tar, pollution.
  • Masking with a blue 3M tape all areas that should be protected during the process
  • Paintwork thickness is measured to ensure safe amount can be corrected
  • Then we start to take care of your car paintwork.
  • Up to 7 stages of correction. Wet sanding, Dual Action Polisher for compounding and polishing to remove moderate to heavy defects and wet sanding process.
  • The last process is single stage machine microfiber finishing Wax or Sealant applied over paintwork.
  • Tyres are cleaned and dressed. Alloy wheels cleaned.

Maximum paint correction safely achieved resulting in a perfectly flat glass structure.

From £ 450

(it takes 3+days)
  • Interior detailing - £70
  • Leather care-clean and protect - £150
  • Engine bay cleaning and detail - £40
  • Convertible top cleaning and protected coating - £50
  • 4 wheel detailing - £80 – wheels are removed for best cleaning. We apply wheel sealant and brightener.
  • We recommend hand washing 1-2 times a month and new wax after 3-6 month.

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