Winter protection detailing package

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How to protect your car in winter.

Harsh winter weather and the dirt and road salt it brings, can wreak havoc on your car's paint finish. Not only is worn paint unattractive, it can reduce your vehicle's value when you attempt to sell it or trade it in. Here some tips on how to protect your car paint from the harsh elements.

Apply polymer wax

You wear gloves to protect your hands during winter, right? Your vehicle could stand a layer of protection, too. Apply a polymer wax to your car's paint to create a shield against road salt and grime, as well as snow, sleet and rain.

Pressure wash

When there is a break between winter storms, use a high-pressure sprayer to rinse away all the grit, especially on the wheels, wheel wells and undercarriage. High-pressure spray loosens and removes road salt and grime, reducing the chances of permanent damage in hard-to-reach areas.

Add more wax

To get your car through the winter months, use a spray wax to provide additional paint protection. This should be used to complement the polymer wax. Spray wax is easy to apply and wipes off quickly. You can easily get the kids to pitch in and have a cleaning party in the garage one dreary afternoon.

Be mindful of brushing

To clear away snow from your car, use a soft snow brush or a foam brush. Avoid using hard plastic scrapers you might use on your windshield, as they can scratch painted surfaces.

Give it a spring cleaning

When spring finally arrives, give your car a thorough detailing, including washing, cleaning off stuck-on residue with a clay bar, applying a compound and waxing. This will remove all traces of the harsh winter and make your paint look its best.

Your paint isn't all that's in peril in winter. Follow these tips to avoid costly repairs.

We are ready to protect your car paint.

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